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PhotoMechanics 2015 is characterized by a series of successful international conferences, which have followed the field of optical measurement techniques in experimental mechanics since 2005.  PhotoMechanics 2015 aims at promoting research, development and use of optical measurement technologies through the exchange of scientific results and insight from leading international scholars and specialists from Europe, the Americas and Asia.  The conference provides a forum for discussion of recent advances in the highly multidisciplinary field of photonics techniques in applied mechanics. In addition, this conference encourages the transfer of advanced scientific results from research to application in a single session conference with limited attendance.
Based on our experience of former PhotoMechanics conferences we expect a leading number representatives of industry, universities, R&D institutes, regulatory agencies and operators from all over the world. PhotoMechanics 2015 is therefore a perfect opportunity to promote your organization to the best professionals in the area of optical metrology and experimental mechanics.
Theatre De Veste in Delft has a well-equipped conference centre and is situated in the heart of the city centre. It is easily accessible by public transport and by car. We have booked the complete theatre. This will provide the conference with plenty of space for exhibitors and poster presentations. 
We are pleased to provide this opportunity and we would like to invite your company to consider one of our promotion or sponsoring packages. Of course, if you have any other new or special idea to support PhotoMechanics 2015, please let us know. Together we can work out any idea to generate the best value for money for your company.

Here below what we offer in return for your financial support.
  Post- registration list of attendees (PDF) Company/ Organisation listing with logo on the conference website One free conference organisation registration Table top exhibit space to present your company /organisation to the audience during the conference, including logos listed on promotional boards and signs Listing of the exhibitor in the catalogue contained in the conference programme As one of our main sponsors your company/ organisation name and logo will be included on all printed matter issued during PM2015, including the conference bag. 2 Free conference dinners.
Sponsoring package Gold,
€ 2000,-
* * * * * *
Sponsoring package Silver,
€ 1000,-
* * * *    
Sponsoring package Bronze,
€ 500,-
* *        

There is also the possibility of buying tickets to invite your business-related partners to PhotoMechanics 2015.
The discount depends on the number of tickets on the same invoice:
1 extra tickets  10% discount
2 extra tickets  15% discount
3 extra tickets  20% discount
4 extra tickets or more = maximum discount  25% 
For more information, please contact us at info@photomechanics2015.nl