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Surface imaging techniques: Digital image correlation, Speckle interferometry, Digital holography, Moiré interferometry, Grid methods, Photoelasticity, Microscopy, Hyperspectral imaging.
3D volume measurements: X-ray tomography, Neutron tomography, Optical coherence tomography, 3D photoelasticity, Magnetic resonance imaging, Computated tomography, Digital volume correlation.
Non-destructive testing: Thermography, Shearography, Ultrasonic and related techniques, Fibre optic sensors.
  • Mechanical behaviour of metal and composite materials and structures
  • Stress and strain field analysis
  • Nanoscale and microscale metrology and application to micromechanics
  • Detection and characterization of cracks, damage and fatigue
  • Thermomechanics
  • Biomechanics
  • Applications in transport engineering, e.g. aerospace, automotive, rail
  • Applications in civil engineering, e.g. buildings, bridges
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Holography and Speckle